The Best Pulse Oximeters for the Philippines

Pulse oximeters are used by doctors to monitor the amount of oxygen carried in the blood. This essential measurement allows healthcare professionals to assess the condition of their patients and gather data that’s crucial to creating effective treatment plans. 

The small, lightweight non-invasive devices attach painlessly to the patient’s finger and reads blood oxygen levels. A Pulse oximeter works by sending two different wavelengths of light into the fingertip. These measure the patient’s pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation. Once the measurements are complete, pulse oximeters display the values on a user-friendly digital interface. In most cases, the pulse oximeters Philippines hospitals use are able to return accurate readings within seconds.

The most common use for a pulse oximeter in Philippines hospitals is to monitor patients with breathing difficulties and heart problems. These conditions can cause oxygen levels to fall and the pulse strength to fall or become erratic. Closely monitoring pulse rate (beats per minute, or bpm) and oxygen saturation (SpO2) allows doctors to keep a close eye on their patients and modify their treatment whenever necessary.

As these devices are integral to patient care, selecting the right product for your needs is essential. Here, we take a closer look at the best pulse oximeter brands in the Philippines in our buying guide. 

The Best Pulse Oximeter for Usability: Rossmax SB220

Taiwanese company Rossmax has been producing high-quality medical equipment for over 30 years. All of their products are manufactured with exceptional levels of accuracy and are built to a high standard. This is why Rossmax is one of the preferred brands for doctors in the Philippines.  

The Rossmax Finger Pulse Oximeter SB220 has been designed with usability in mind. The monitor screen rotates to suit the angle of the viewer. This makes it quick and easy to read results. It also helps to maintain high levels of accuracy as there is no need to read the display upside down.

Like most handheld pulse oximeters, the Rossmax SB220 attaches to the patient’s fingertip and gathers data unobtrusively. Flaps on the finger attachment block ambient light from the sensor to ensure accurate results.

The Rossmax SB220 features an easy to use LED display with adjustable brightness and an instant warning system for abnormal results. The pulse oximeter is calibrated to display functional oxygen saturation in % SpO2 and is ideal for spot check monitoring, oxygen therapy assessment and health management.


The Best Multi-Purpose Pulse Oximeter: Rossmax SA300


Most pulse oximeters are designed to measure heart rate and oxygen saturation levels. This provides medical professionals with valuable diagnostic information. Results are used to monitor a patient’s condition and assess their response to treatment.

The Rossmax SA300 goes one step further. As well as measuring pulse rate and oxygen levels, it is also able to check the condition of the patient’s arteries and blood pressure. In fact, the Rossmax SA300 is a world first. Fitted with Artery Check Technology (ACT) it is able to process SpO2 signals and use these to determine the stiffness of the artery. The device then classifies arterial condition into six levels and presents the results in an easy to read graph.

The Rossmax SA300 has an alarm to alert the user when readings fall outside normal parameters and a silent mode for when no beeps are needed. Bluetooth Transmission allows information to be shared easily between devices and a dual power source means this rechargeable pulse oximeter is suitable for mobile use.

The SA300 comes with an adult probe. Infant and child probes are also available for the pulse oximeter to add more flexibility to this versatile medical device. Patients that require long term, continuous monitoring can use the tube probe compatible with the device.

Offering Artery Check Technology, as well as accurate heart rate monitor functions and oxygen saturation monitoring, the SA300 is a good choice for users of pulse oximeters in the Philippines. Take a look at our site for full technical details and specifications.

The Best Pulse Oximeter for Affordability: Rossmax SB100

Many hospitals and medical centres in the Philippines require large numbers of pulse oximeters in order to properly monitor and care for patients. This means that affordability is often key when purchasing pulse oximeters.

When it comes to value for money, the Rossmax Finger Pulse Oximeter SB100 is an excellent choice. The device offers all of the standard features of a pulse oximeter. It will accurately measure oxygen concentration and heart rate via a non-invasive probe suitable for all finger sizes. Instant warnings are displayed for abnormal readings and the finger probe has flaps to prevent ambient light interfering with readings.

The simple but sturdy design of the Rossmax SB100 helps to keep the cost of the unit to a minimum. This makes it a great choice for hospitals and medical centres looking for affordable, high quality pulse oximetry equipment. As a result, the Rossmax SB100 is the number one choice of finger pulse oximeter to spot check oxygen saturation and pulse rates in a wide variety of healthcare environments. 


The Best Pulse Oximeter for Mobile Use: Healforce Prince 100C2 Dual Colour Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Most pulse oximeters in the Philippines are used in hospitals, medical centres and other professional settings. However, some are designed for mobile use and for patients to use at home. This allows those who need longer-term monitoring to have greater freedom and independence.

The Healforce Prince 100C2 Dual Colour Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a good choice for mobile or home use. The device is small, lightweight and convenient to carry. It is powered by AAA batteries and so can be worn when the patient is at home or on the move, with a battery indicator telling the user when batteries need to be changed. 

The bright, full colour OLED display is easy to read and can be moved in four different directions. The device has an intelligent fingertip probe with automatic finger detection and turns on and off automatically.

The Healforce Prince 100C2 precisely measures SpO2 and pulse rate and is fitted with anti-motion technology to aid accuracy. There is a real time pulse bar and plethysmogram display and users can switch the display to PI (profusion index) if required.

The Best Pulse Oximeter for Connectivity: Rossmax Pulse Oximeter SA210

For doctors in the Philippines, pulse oximeter connectivity is becoming an increasingly important consideration. The ability to transfer data from a pulse oximeter to a computer can make it easier for medical professionals to properly assess the patient and decide on the most appropriate treatment plan.

One of the best models for connectivity is the Rossmax Pulse Oximeter SA210. The device can be connected to a computer via the cable supplied with the unit to download health data directly. Its USB driver software is suitable for use with Windows XP and Windows 2000 as well as more recent versions of the software.

As well as enhanced connectivity, the Rossmax SA210 allows doctors to carry out accurate blood oxygen saturation level spot checks and provides instant warnings of abnormal readings. The device comes with an adult finger probe that’s suitable for patients who weigh more than 40kg and have fingers with a circumference of 20mm – 75mm. Neonatal probes and paediatric probes are also available for the Rossmax SA210, allowing it to be used in a number of hospital settings.

The Rossmax SA210 is ideal for oxygen therapy assessment, spot check monitoring, sleep apnea screening and health management. 

How to Choose the Right Pulse Oximeter in the Philippines

When selecting a pulse oximeter for Philippines hospitals, doctors' offices, medical centres, or in any first aid kit, it’s important to compare the different options available. Consider which features are most important and think about how the cost of each unit will affect your budget.

Value for money

When looking for a new pulse oximeter Philippines price guides can vary considerably. Many of the devices at the top end of the scale offer a wide range of features such as connectivity and artery check technology. If you feel these features would be beneficial to your workplace, it may be worth investing in the best quality pulse oximeters you can afford.

More affordable pulse oximeters have fewer features and fewer extras, however, as long as you buy your medical equipment from a trusted supplier, your pulse oximeter will still perform its main tasks with a high level of accuracy. Standard models of pulse oximeter are an excellent option for medical centres working within a budget.

To get the best value for money, look out for a pulse oximeter sale, Philippines suppliers often have special deals available, so it’s worth shopping around 


When buying a pulse oximeter in the Philippines, it’s important to select a recognised and trusted brand. These devices need to be carefully designed, manufactured and calibrated, so it’s essential you choose a manufacturer with experience in producing well-made medical supplies.

Rossmax and Healforce are two of the best known names in the pulse oximetry industry. Both have extensive experience producing high quality medical supplies and have reputations for accuracy and reliability. Rossmax in particular produce an excellent range of high quality pulse oximeters, many of which are already used in Philippines hospitals.

We stock and an excellent choice of reliable, accurate pulse oximeters from a selection of manufacturers. Learn more, and find the products that are right for you, by exploring our range today.




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