Soft Disc Vertebral Column with Stand

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Soft Disc Vertebral Column with Stand

Anatomical Chart Company ORTHOPAEDICS Model

This unique model of the vertebral column and pelvis is cast from a natural specimen and is designed to address the requirements of rehab, physical therapy, sports medicine, and other therapeutic training. It is an excellent model for demonstration of spine disorders such as scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis. The model is mounted on a flexible metal spiral hose, which makes the vertebral column extremely mobile and allows the spine to be set in any position. The metal spiral hose is durable enough for years of intensive use. The foamed elastic intervertebral discs behave like natural discs and can be compressed and expanded. Also includes: Moveable iliosacral joint, removable pelvis, spinal nerves and vertebral arteryThe model is push-fitted on to the stand and is easy to removestand is included.Life size: 27-1/2Made in Germany by Erler-ZimmerFor more information see: The Skeletal System chart
ISBN 9781587790621 The Spinal Nerves chart
ISBN 9781587792052 The Vertebral Column
ISBN 9781587792106 Human Spine Disorders chart
ISBN 9781587794438 Anatomy & Injuries of the Spine
ISBN 9780781786676

Dimensions - x 27 1/2