Owen Mumford Autoject 2 Fixed Needle

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Autoject 2 Self injection made simpler.

Compatible with most major brands of fixed needle syringe

Autoject 2 has been specially designed for those who have difficulty injecting themselves manually with a syringe. At the touch of a button, Autoject 2 automatically inserts the needle and contents of the syringe into the skin without the user having to see the needle.

Autoject 2 features adjustable penetration depth, a safety lock to prevent accidental firing and a dose completion indicator.

The one-handed operation makes it possible to use a wider range of injection sites than manually injecting with only a syringe.

1. Raised trigger button for firing. Easy for both children and seniors to operate.

2. Window showing the injection is completed.

3. Safety interlock mechanism - prevents accidental firing until the device is pressed against the skin.

4. A choice of depth adjusters. Allows the use of a wide range of syringe brands and the ability to pre-set different penetration depths.